Senior Software Developer - Scala

Berlin, Connecticut, United States


We are looking for a versatile, battle-hardened back-end Scala software developer to join our growing team. Here you will focus on building and maintaining enterprise web-based applications. Though we primarily use Play Framework (Scala) to write back-end code, and Backbone.js for the front-end of our applications, you’ll be expected to be capable of working with other languages such as Ruby, PHP, or C#, if needed. You must be available to work alongside our team in our Connecticut office.

Responsibilities include:

· Taking specifications from the project management team and writing the code to develop advanced, secure web applications

· Working well within our team and occasionally providing feedback on client projects

· Participating actively in team meetings and collaborating on planning, development, testing and deployment

· Learning independently to advance individual and team knowledge

· Writing well documented, functional code that can pass testing procedures

· Utilizing our project management platform to communicate project progress and complete assignments on schedule


· 5 – 10 years of programming experience with an object-oriented or functional programming language, such as Scala and/or Java.

· Desire to learn Scala if you do not already know it

· Mastery of SQL and relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)

· Proven experience developing applications using MVC frameworks

· Expert-level experience with source control tools (git)

· Comfort with the command-line

· Ability to learn new programming languages and concepts quickly

· Familiarity with cross-browser compatibility and web standards

· Ability to work independently, perform under pressure and adapt to change

· Excellent organizational, planning, and prioritization skills

· High level of concern for quality of client deliverables and a high level of integrity

· Preference for test-driven-development (TDD) practices emphasizing well-written unit and integration tests specifying system behavior

· Experience with the Agile development methodology

· A knowledge of security best practices in web software, especially preventing CSRF, XSS, and SQL injection attacks

· Experience with custom Salesforce development and integrations is a plus


Competitive compensation including bonuses, profit sharing and generous vacation

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