SQL Server DBA w/ MySQL or Postgres

Washington, District of Columbia, United States · DC · SQL Server


SQL Server DBA w/ some MySQL and/or Postgres – DC

Kamis is searching for a Database Administrator to fill a direct/permanent position with a company located in Washington DC. The DBA should have expertise with large SQL Server databases + some experience with MySQL and/or Postgres.

Job Description:
The Database Administrator will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining production databases, SQL queries, procedures, scripts and objects, including tables, primary and foreign key relationships, triggers, constraints, etc. In this role, you will perform advanced performance analysis and tuning within SQL Server, as well as the other tiers of the infrastructure, to identify and resolve bottlenecks and problems, and you’ll ensure that databases are working properly in conjunction with applications. You must have the ability to complete data mining efforts and ad hoc analysis to ensure a firm understanding of source system data and how it relates to business requirements. And you will work closely with the development team to optimize SQL queries, support coding best practices and implement optimal coding techniques.

The DBA will support several mission-critical database servers. The primary databases are MS SQL Server, but also there are production MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. The MySQL databases range from a Drupal backend to a complex data warehouse. You must be an expert with SQL Server and have a willingness to become one with MySQL and Postgres.

* Maintain uptime of all database applications from a database perspective
* Develop, test and deploy SQL changes to production, quality assurance and development environments.
* Manage and monitor the day-to-day operations of database systems and ensure that the systems and applications function effectively
* Make sure that the database systems provide sufficient computing power to deliver the desired level of business performance.
* Test new software or software versions such as database server upgrades
* Understand SAN based storage and related technologies, specifically related to MS SQL Server installations.
* Provide advice to developers and users on database standards, data structures and terminology
* Prepare technical reports on the operation of systems.
* Assist with Windows Server configuration and management as it relates to MS SQL Server installation and performance.
* Perform scheduled maintenance and support release deployment activities after hours


Required Qualifications:
* 5+ years MSSQL experience
* Experience working with very large databases.
* Exceptionally skilled in troubleshooting query performance
* Self-motivated individual
* Ability to analyze data to find inconsistencies

Desired Qualifications:
* 3-5 years MySQL experience
* 1-3 years PostgreSQL experience
* Data warehouse experience


Direct permanent employment, not a contract or contract-to-hire. Salary in the market range, based on experience.

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