Web Systems Engineer - IIS, SaaS, Automation

Rockville, Maryland, United States · KW · Rockville


Kamis is searching for a Systems Engineer with a strong background with SaaS applications, Web Infrastructure, Software Development and Systems Automation to build solutions that enhance availability, performance, and stability of a web-based system. The Engineer will be continuously improving the build, integration, and deployment processes to ensure that services are available, reliable, and performing at or above expectations.

The Engineer will be automating repetitive work and developing solutions that operate at scale, ensuring technology efforts directly improve the reliability of the site and SaaS offering. The Engineer will also improve infrastructure and processes to support, deploy, and provide enhancements to the infrastructure. The Engineer will be responsible for creating, maintaining and improving overall service delivery pipeline while working within CI/CD systems such as Jenkins

The Engineer should have the ability to work with various teams, including technical and non-technical team members, and will coordinate activity with Operations, Development, and Product teams.


The Reliability Engineer should have a diverse IT/CS background to include a knowledge base and experience with software development, programming, systems engineering and operations.


Full-time position with excellent benefits. Salary is in the market range, based on experience.

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