Payment Processor/Finance Temp

Alexandria, Virginia, United States


We are currently looking for a qualified payment processor/finance admin for a 4 to 6 month contract in Alexandria, VA. Daily responsibilities will include:

  1. Applying payments -daily process include but limited to;

-receiving and reviewing payments made via check, credit card, bank lockboxes, internal deposits the temp will take these payments and,

-apply to invoices, or create invoices to apply payment,

-process receipts

- review deferral/cycle dates reports, make any necessary fixes

-run GL on each batches

-review batch distribution report, ability to read batch reports, identify and fix issues

-ability to move batch progression status in CRM

-manage 3-5 batches per day, 250-300 per month

  1. Downloading files from bank and importing to database

Same process as above

    1. Ability to read batch reports and ability to identify errors
    2. Basic accounting debits/credits
    3. Ability to stay on task and excellent time management to keep up with financials; apply payments, run GLs, Review GLs, post batches
  1. Ability to take on additional administrative work as determined; scheduling, agendas, data clean-up projects but finance being the priority
  2. CRM knowledge a plus
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